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Safety Requirements for Recreational Boats

As the owner of a recreational boat, you are required to carry aboard your vessel a minimum of safety equipment. Most of us go about our boating experience giving very little thought to the possibility of misfortune, and rarely are our experiences anything but positive. But remember the motto: Be… Continue Reading

Paint Help/How to Links

Information Provided by Hamilton Marine Getting the Right Topside Paint Video (Featuring HM employee Kim) Antifouling Paint Blisters & Barrier Coats Clear Wood Finishes Topside Painting Information Provided by Pettit Paint How-To Videos by Pettit Paint Technical Bulletins by Pettit Paint Quantity Calculator by Pettit Paint Pettit Paint YouTube Channel… Continue Reading

Topside Painting

Safety We’ve learned a lot about how Volatile Organic Vapors (VOC’s) affect the human body over the last decade, and none of the news is good. Only a few years ago it was thought to be OK to work all day bathed in fumes, wash our hands in paint thinner,… Continue Reading

Clear Wood Finishes

Entire books have been written about the proper surface preparation for and application of clear wood finishes—this brief review, naturally, can only touch some of the highlights. You may wish to not only protect but also enhance wood’s natural beauty with oils, varnishes, or other clear sealants. A good finish… Continue Reading

Blisters & Barrier Coats

Gelcoat Blisters When fiberglass boat building started, very little thought was given to the possibility that the fiberglass or the tough gelcoat surface might eventually break down. Gelcoat was developed to protect the fiberglass structure and was thought to be an impermeable layer that would keep the underlying resin and… Continue Reading

Antifouling Paint

Boat owners quickly discover that the combination of boat bottoms and water almost always yields a very healthy biology experiment…bottom growth! Although we are not aware of a perfect preventative, modern anti-fouling paints are quite effective and considerably healthier for the environment than their predecessors. As is typical in our… Continue Reading

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